Wildlands: The Leader in Mitigation Banking

Wildlands is a habitat development and land management company with projects throughout the Western United States. Established in 1991, Wildlands is a national leader in establishing mitigation banks and conservation banks that enhance water quality and protect wildlife habitat in perpetuity.

What sets Wildands apart in the mitigation banking industry?

  • Wildlands created the first mitigation bank west of the Mississippi in 1994. With more than 75 projects covering over 41,000 acres, Wildlands focuses on creating open market solutions that protect our environment.
  • By in-sourcing the land acquisition, biological design and construction of mitigation banks, Wildlands provides a one-stop shop for public and private developers who have impacted environmentally designated areas.
  • Wildlands' vertical integration ensures the ecological and financial success of the projects and the company's commitment to stewardship and land management extend that success into perpetuity.
  • Wildlands provides an array of full service environmental solutions to provide compensatory mitigation to restore and protect wetlands and other sensitive habitats while allowing builders and public works agencies to focus on their own missions. These include ecosystem and mitigation banking, environmental restoration, habitat stewardship, land management, integrated agriculture and many more.

Wildlands is based in Rocklin, California and has regional offices in Oregon and Washington, with additional personnel working remotely to provide local expertise.

Our Mission
To create a legacy of thriving and protected natural habitat through ecologic and economic cooperation.

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