Ecosystem & Mitigation Banking

Wildlands is a national leader in providing mitigation banks and conservation banks to protect, restore and manage wildlife habitat. With a full array of mitigation banking services offered in-house, Wildlands offers a unique one stop shop in the field of mitigation banking.

Benefits of mitigation banking with Wildlands:

  • Our mitigation banking and conservation banking has several ecological and economic benefits over traditional methods of mitigation, such as permittee responsible on-site or off-site mitigation.
  • Economic benefits to the client utilizing our mitigation banking services include expedited permitting time and economy of scale.
  • Wildlands assumes responsibility for ecological success of the mitigation, providing the client with severance of liability.
  • Ecological benefits include large preserve size, mitigation before impact and Wildlands resources and expertise.
  • Our mitigation banks are also held to the highest levels of habitat performance and success standards.

West Coast Region

Wildlands is a pioneer of mitigation banking and conservation banking, establishing the first wetlands mitigation bank west of the Mississippi; the first fisheries mitigation bank for the protection of Chinook salmon, steelhead and Delta smelt; and the first conservation banks for vernal pool species, red-legged frog, elderberry beetle and giant garter snake.

Currently, our west coast region provides compensatory mitigation banks for jurisdictional and non-jurisdictional wetlands plus many endangered/special status species including vernal pool invertebrates, California tiger salamander, giant garter snake, San Joaquin kit fox, valley elderberry longhorn beetle, western burrowing owl, Swainson's hawk, delta smelt, Chinook salmon and steelhead.

Pacific Northwest Region

Wildlands' pacific northwest region's banks and preserves provide mitigation for jurisdictional wetlands and endangered species habitat for salmonid species. These include Blue Heron Slough Conservation Bank, the first ever conservation bank for salmon in the Pacific Northwest. Situated on Puget Sound in Everett, Washington, the bank will increase the carrying capacity of the Snohomish River Estuary for juvenile Chinook salmon by 20 percent.



Ecosystem & Mitigation Banking

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