Land Stewardship

Wildlands manages thousands of acres of natural lands, consisting of wetlands, riparian and upland habitats. These lands include properties held by Wildlands and others held in partnership with public and private landowners and nonprofit organizations.

Unlike most mitigation banking companies, at Wildlands we retain hands-on management responsibilities for our mitigation properties. Wildlands' land managers, farm and range specialists and biologists take care of the land with innovative practices including adaptive management and integrated agriculture.

Services include:

  • Adaptive management to meet habitat goals effectively
  • Biological monitoring for birds, wildlife, vegetation and water quality
  • Wetland marsh, vernal pool and upland management
  • On-site water system improvement and repair
  • On-site facility, road and fence maintenance and repair
  • On-site restoration, construction and nursery activities
  • Multi-use management including education and agriculture

Biological Monitoring and Adaptive Management

Adaptive Management is a system for evaluating and improving habitat management practices. Biological monitoring and analysis are used to compare habitat performance against objective standards, creating a feedback loop. As more information becomes available, the land steward adjusts management techniques.

Wildlands' commitment to adaptive management shows in the background of the company's land management personnel, many of whom have a background in biology, natural resources or ecology. If a situation that needs attention develops, it will be recognized by the personnel who regularly tend the land - rather than waiting for some seasonal or annual survey. The feedback loop becomes seamless and instantaneous, providing high-quality stewardship of the habitat.



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Land Stewardship


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