Mitigation Projects

Kreyenhagen Hills Conservation Bank

The 1,295-acre Kreyenhagen Hills Conservation Bank is part of a larger 1,655-acre former Slievenamon Ranch Property, located six miles southwest of Coalinga, in Fresno County, California. Prior to bank establishment, Wildlands created the Coalinga Mitigation Preserve on the overall property consisting of 86 acres of San Joaquin kit fox land conserved for the USFWS San Joaquin kit fox species conservation fund, and 287.5 acres of San Joaquin kit fox land conserved for the Western Area Power Administration (“WAPA”) Path 15 Transmission Line Project spanning Merced and Fresno Counties. The remaining former Slievenamon Ranch property was developed as the Kreyenhagen Hills Conservation Bank, approved by USFWS on December 23, 2005, and currently offers San Joaquin kit fox conservation credits.

The Bank has served as compensatory mitigation for various large-scale projects for clients:

San Joaquin Kit Fox
  • the Caltrans Hanford Expressway (293 acre-credits);
  • the Pacific Gas & Electric Company San Joaquin Valley Habitat Conservation Plan (65 acre-credits); and,
  • the City of Tulare State Route 99/Cartmill Avenue Interchange in Tulare County (59 acre-credits).

1,295 acres

Location: Fresno County, California

Mitigation Types

  • San Joaquin Kit Fox

Service Area

Includes the western portion of Fresno and Kings Counties, and northwest Kern County as shown on the service area map.

Approving Agencies

  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

For additional information on the Kreyenhagen Hills Conservation Bank, please contact Julie Maddox at (916) 435-3555 or