Mitigation Solutions

For over 25 years, Wildlands has been the recognized leader in Wetland and Conservation Banking, Project-Specific Mitigation Solutions, and Habitat Lands Stewardship.

Our mitigation projects restore, enhance, and preserve wetlands and other sensitive habitats. Wildlands’ diverse team of experts is committed to developing first-class projects for our clients and the natural resource agencies.

Economic Benefits

  • Fixed-cost solution with no additional responsibilities for the permit applicant
  • Streamlined permit processing
  • Transfer of all permit compliance obligations to Wildlands
  • Highly experienced team of experts focused on the finish line and the bottom line
  • Lower mitigation ratios

Ecological Benefits

  • Well-sited, well-managed preserves
  • Successful implementation and performance
  • Mitigation in advance of impacts
  • Habitat stewardship ensures long-term success of restoration projects
  • In-depth monitoring data

Wildlands’ Mitigation Services Include:

  • Property selection and feasibility studies
  • Agency coordination and negotiation
  • Land acquisition
  • Legal consultation
  • Third party non-profit endowment and easement coordination
  • Baseline assessment and hydrologic modeling
  • Construction oversight
  • Post-construction and long-term monitoring
  • Restoration design, permitting, and implementation
  • Habitat stewardship and land management

Wildlands’ team manages all phases of mitigation implementation and management, providing a single point of accountability for clients and regulatory agencies. The company’s ability to acquire, own, and manage land, geographic scope, and depth of expertise are unique in the industry.