About Us

Wildlands is the national leader in wetland mitigation, endangered species conservation banking, habitat management, and ecosystem restoration. Wildlands’ mission is simple yet critical to the health of our environment—to create a legacy of thriving and protected natural habitat through ecological and economic cooperation. The company’s cooperative approach enables public and private developers to accomplish their core objective while fulfilling environmental obligations by investing in the restoration and conservation of resources impacted by their permitted development activities.

Founded in 1991, Wildlands has dedicated over 45,000 acres of land to the restoration, conservation, and protection of our water resources and critical habitats. The company’s efforts include the establishment of the first western United States wetlands mitigation bank, the first fisheries mitigation banks for the protection of Chinook salmon, steelhead, and Delta smelt, and the first conservation banks for vernal pool species, valley elderberry longhorn beetle, and giant garter snake.