Land Management Services

Rangeland Consulting & Monitoring

Rangeland Consulting & Monitoring – Our Certified California Rangeland Manager performs baseline habitat assessments and creates monitoring and management plans to meet habitat stewardship goals and measure success.  We also provide monitoring and management plan implementation with hands-on livestock and grazing management, quantitative rangeland monitoring, and monitoring reporting.

Integrated Agriculture

Integrated Agriculture – Partner with farmers and ranchers to create additional revenue sources in lower yielding areas.  Identify and develop habitat compatible with existing farm practices including wetlands and hedgerows.

Habitat & Livestock Fencing/Corral Design Build

Habitat & Livestock Fencing / Corral Design Build – As cattle ranchers, we know firsthand what it takes to construct quality livestock fencing and corrals that make cow sense.  Fence types include: barbed wire, wildlife friendly, high tensile, electric, net, horse, and exclusionary.  “Large-scale ranch fencing and custom corrals are our specialty”  See some of our projects at:

Brush & Vegetation Clearing

Brush & Vegetation Clearing – Reduce the chances of fire destroying your investment.  Our biologists and field stewards work together to develop a fuels reduction plan meeting the needs of your home or business.  Ladder fuels such as brush and small trees are removed using both mechanical and hand methods to create shaded fuel breaks.  See more about mastication at:

Pricing and Services

Professional Services

  • Certified rangeland specialist – $125/HR
  • Integrated Agriculture Analysis/Biological Consulting/Habitat Design
  • Senior Biologist – $125/HR
  • Arborist Consulting & Monitoring
  • Certified arborist – $125/HR

Land Management Services

  • Barbed wire, smooth wire, wildlife friendly, electric – $3.50/LF and up
  • Deer and horse fence – $13.50/LF and up
  • Construction and silt fence – $3.50/LF and up
  • Paddock design – $115/HR
  • Paddock design/Build package – $3.75/LF and up
  • Water storage and distribution – Priced upon request
  • Corral Design & Build
  • Design only  – $130/HR
  • Design/Build package – $75/LF and up
  • Brush & Vegetation Clearing
  • Hand crew/2-person – $120/HR
  • Hand crew/3-person –  $175/HR
  • Mechanical fuels reduction – $1,600/Acre and up
  • Mowing – $200/HR and up
  • Excavator with brush cutter – $235/HR and up
  • Fire breaks – $245/HR and up
  • Herbicide application – $115/Acre and up
  • Planting & Seeding
  • Habitat crew/2-person – $120/HR
  • Habitat crew/3-person –  $175/HR
  • Habitat crew/4-person –  $230/HR
  • Well Drilling & Pump Services – Priced upon request
  • Design and installation
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Storage tanks
  • Water quality testing
  • Soil sampling
  • Site inspections
  • Evaluations and monitoring