Mitigation Projects

Tolle-Rodman Ranch Conservation Bank


Wildlands has identified approximately 2,058 acres located in the foothills of Fresno County for the purpose of entitling a conservation bank for California tiger salamander (CTS) and vernal pool branchiopods.

Bank entitlement would provide for the preservation of a natural habitat that has documented presence of California tiger salamander and vernal pool fairy shrimp (VPFS) (Branchinecta lynchi).

The site was selected after reviewing several different properties that had potential presence of breeding California tiger salamander (Ambystoma californiense). The Southern San Joaquin population of CTS is both federally and state listed. CTS populations range-wide were listed by the USFWS as a Threatened species effective September 3, 2004, with almost 200,000 acres of critical habitat in 19 counties designated by the USFWS effective September 22, 2005. The CTS also is listed as a Threatened species by the State of California effective May 20, 2010.

Credits types and amounts will be determined in collaboration with the USFWS and CDFW; however, based on surveys conducted to date, most, if not all, of the 2,058 acres is expected to be utilized for foraging, breeding and/or movement routes for CTS.

2,058 acres

Location: Fresno County, California

Mitigation Types

  • Vernal Pool Preservation
  • Swainson’s Hawk
  • San Joaquin Kit Fox
  • California Tiger Salamander

Service Area


Proposed service area: Portions of San Joaquin, Calaveras, Stanislaus, Toulumne, Merced, Mariposa, Madera, Fresno, and Tulare Counties.

For additional information on the Tolle-Rodman Ranch Conservation Bank, please contact Julie Maddox at (916) 435-3555 or