Mitigation Projects

Twin Cities Wetland Preserve

The Twin Cities Wetland Preserve is 255 acres of natural and created vernal pools, vernal swales, seasonal wetlands, restored riparian, intermittent stream, stream channel, and upland habitats located in south Sacramento County, California, along Laguna Creek near State Route 99.

The Preserve consists of approximately 15 acres of created/restored wetland habitat including 8.0 acres of vernal pool wetlands, 1.5 acres of riparian scrub wetlands, and 5.4 acres of seasonal wetlands, and approximately 12 acres of existing vernal pool wetlands, plus their associated upland buffer lands, as mitigation for regional impacts to vernal pool crustacean habitat. The site is within the Southeastern Sacramento Valley Vernal Pool Region, as defined by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The Twin Cities site also provides over 200 acres of Swainson’s hawk foraging habitat.

Wildlands’ habitat development team restored the vernal pool wetlands on the Twin Cities site in summer 2007. Both the restored and preserved vernal pools on the Twin Cities site provide habitat for a variety of vernal pool plant and animal species including several special-status species.

In addition to vernal pool wetlands, seasonal and riparian scrub wetlands have been restored along Laguna Creek. The creek’s channels had been degraded, and showed extensive signs of bank erosion and undercutting. After construction, seasonal wetlands and riparian scrub wetland were restored along the creek and in the floodplain.

255 acres

Location: Sacramento County, California

Mitigation Types

  • Vernal Pool Preservation
  • Vernal Pool Creation
  • Wetland/Waters of the U.S.
  • Swainson’s Hawk

Service Area

Habitat Mitigation Values at the Preserve are SOLD OUT.

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