November Newsletter 2018

A word from our team

Fall always feels like life gets a little frenzied. Get up a little earlier, get back to school. We’re out of the summer haze, and it’s time to double down on your goals for year’s end. It certainly feels like that at Wildlands, it’s active around here! We are busy acquiring new construction projects, installing miles upon miles of habitat fencing, ensuring continued protection of our banks and preserves, while also developing new services and opportunities.

One recent accomplishment I am proud of is the approval of the Black Mountain Conservation Bank in the Mojave Desert. Working with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, this project represents an effective collaboration with a resource agency. CDFW suggested a need for a bank, and Wildlands identified almost 2,000 acres of important private lands occupied with the listed Mohave ground squirrel and desert tortoise. We then worked through a timely approval process with CDFW. The bank provides mitigation solutions for public and private permit applicants.

We are excited to be taking on new projects and providing new services. Our habitat fencing and land management crews are working Wildlands projects, while providing these unique services for other clients. The fencing crew is gaining quite a stellar reputation for quality and timeliness under sometimes challenging conditions.

Wildlands has expanded into managing existing banks. We are dealing with marketing credits, ensuring bank compliance, and providing land management services to our partner clients. We are also excited to be working with the owners of the Dove Ridge Conservation Bank in Butte County, and the Lytle Creek Conservation Bank in San Bernardino County, providing a full suite of bank operation services.

In closing, I want to thank our amazing dedicated staff, our customers, our partners and the resource agencies for working with Wildlands. We are now approaching 60,000 acres of protected habitat and working landscapes. It’s an accomplishment that makes us very proud.

We are very gratified to do what we do, and are looking forward to the future. Enough writing… back to work.

Brian Monaghan, Senior Vice President