Employee Spotlight: Cindy Tambini

This employee spotlight features Cindy Tambini, Director of Planning and Compliance.

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Cindy is a Midwesterner from Wichita, Kansas. Staying true to her roots, she remained close to home and attended Wichita State University, home of the Shockers, where she completed her Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree.

After receiving her diploma, Cindy took a job in the airline industry where she added an impressive 10 years of experience to her resume. Her work ultimately led her to relocate to San Jose, California, where she went back to school at California State University, Hayward (now known as California State University, East Bay) and graduated with her second Bachelor’s degree in Biology.

With her new area of study, Cindy switched careers and took her first job in the environmental field with the Alameda County Public Works Agency. While with the County she worked on CEQA/NEPA and Environmental permitting for County flood control and road projects. Her first interaction with Wildlands came when they provided mitigation for an Alameda County project. However, it wasn’t until she saw an advertisement in the Sacramento Bee for an open position at Wildlands that she applied and was brought on to the team.

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That was in October of 2001. Now having been with the company for nearly 15 years, Cindy is a central part of the Wildlands team. As Director of the Planning department she supervises her team in meeting the necessary regulatory standards to get Wildlands’ projects approved. Together they work closely alongside regulatory agency personnel to gain permits and entitlements for all of Wildlands’ Banks and permittee responsible mitigation projects.

During her impressive time with the company she has played a key role in conserving over 38,000 acres of land throughout California and the Pacific Northwest.

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Cindy is seen here speaking at the San Luis Rey Mitigation Bank groundbreaking ceremony in February 2015 with our Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Brian Monaghan. The Bank took three years to entitle and credits are now available.

Outside of work, Cindy spends her free time with her two teenage daughters, Ashlyn and Frankie. They enjoy horseback riding and traveling. And every year you will find her rooting for her alma mater, the WSU Shockers, in the March Madness basketball tournament.

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Visiting London in 2014

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Cindy and her daughters visiting San Francisco