Rangeland Management Services

In addition to biological monitoring services, Wildlands now offers rangeland management services. With an on-staff Certified Rangeland Manager (CRM), licensed through the California State Board of Forestry and Fire Protection, Wildlands can provide technical assistance on rangeland projects throughout the state of California. The CRM program is designed to provide landowners and managers with professional expertise in managing California’s rangeland resources, while complying with applicable state laws.

laguna barn

Wildlands manages tens of thousands of acres of habitat for special status plants and animals. In addition to habitat management, Wildlands owns and manages a cattle herd of over 1,000 cows. This combination of habitat and livestock management gives Wildlands the unique ability to understand both the environmental requirements of a site, as well as the day-to-day needs of the livestock operator and the interactions between the two. Our CRM combines years of range science expertise, land management experience, and livestock knowledge to practice adaptive management to meet habitat goals on our various properties.

Wildlands currently works with non-profits and private land holders to provide technical support on rangelands through the creation and implementation of management plans, field monitoring, and drafting monitoring reports.

CRM Services Provided:

  • – Baseline assessments to measure and document resources;
  • – Monitoring and Management Plans to assess resources, meet goals, and measure management success;
  • – Monitoring Program Implementation, including quantitative rangeland assessments and photo monitoring;
  • – Adaptive management recommendations to meet habitat and stewardship goals;
  • – Monitoring Reports; and,
  • – Livestock/Grazing Management.

Who Can Benefit From a CRM:
Wildlands’ CRM can provide technical expertise to meet management, monitoring, or reporting requirements for anyone with range management needs or requirements on their rangeland or forested landscape.


  • – Non-profits (Land Conservancies, Park Districts, Local and State Agencies, etc.)
  • – Utility Districts
  • – Water Districts
  • – Developers
  • – Private Land Managers
  • – Private Ranchers

Use of a CRM is recommended for any range management needs on non-forested landscapes and is required by law for any range management needs on forested landscapes.


Projects that could use a CRM:

  • – Mitigation properties
  • – Open space and parks
  • – Permanent habitat/buffers
  • – Grazing allotments

In addition to CRM services, Wildlands’ biological staff can provide further monitoring and assessments that may be needed on restoration projects and mitigation construction, including habitat and wetland delineations and invasive species surveys. Under the Scientific Collection Permits, the biology team can also perform pre-construction and ongoing special-status species and federally endangered species assessments.

Wildlands’ CRM and biologists can provide all of the necessary habitat assessments, monitoring, and management for the duration of any environmental or agricultural project. The combination of habitat stewardship experience and management of a large cattle herd give Wildlands the skills to meet the agency requirements of a property through practical management solutions for the livestock operation with required documentation.

To inquire with our Certified Rangeland Manager, Bart Cremers, directly, please contact him at 916.826.7046. For additional information on our rangeland management or biology services, please contact Amanda Seidel at our corporate office: 916.435.3555.