Wildlands’ Desert Tortoise Conservation Efforts

Wildlands currently manages over 19,000 acres in the Southern California desert alone. We are actively doing our part to foster the long-term viability of the covered species and habitats in one of California’s harshest landscapes.

One of said species, Agassiz’s Desert Tortoise, is currently listed as threatened by the State and Federal governments. Wildlands’ biology and land management staff are regular visitors to the desert surveying for tortoise and managing the properties in appropriate ways so that the tortoise can thrive. Most recently, our biology team ventured down to place signs in an effort to deter trespassing, especially ATVs that could easily mistake a desert tortoise for a rock on a trail like this young female tortoise.


But it’s not all work in the desert. Biologist Greg Lohse even had time to pose for a shot with the world’s largest thermometer in Baker, CA.


For more information on mitigation for Agassiz’s Desert Tortoise, please contact Julie Maddox at 916-435-3555 or jmaddox@heronpacific.com.