States are at risk of losing billions of dollars from the federal public works stimulus package if these projects lack environmental permits. Wildlands can provide wetland mitigation credits and stream mitigation credits available now in California, Georgia, and Washington state, for city, county and state agencies needing rapid permitting of public projects.

President Barack Obama signed the $787 billion economic stimulus package into law February 17. It includes massive spending on a variety of public projects including highway and bridge repairs and maintenance, new and upgraded schools, water supply reservoirs, and energy-efficient government buildings, among other projects. However, candidate projects for stimulus funding must be ‘shovel ready’ and have all necessary permits within 180 days of package approval.

Public works projects impacting wetlands and streams are often required to offset project impacts through compensatory mitigation and habitat replacement. Wildlands’ mitigation credits provide a quick, efficient and cost-effective solution to this requirement.

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