A Giant Garter Snake Success Story

guywithsnakeWildlands’ monitoring master, biologist Kevin Nay, is photographed here basking in the glory of his giant catch that he bagged on Ridge Cut GGS Conservation Bank in Yolo County, California on August 14, 2017.  This male giant garter snake (GGS) was no match for the meticulous placement and stealthy presence of Mr. Nay’s mesh funnel trap.

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Our biologists have placed approximately 300 traps across the 186-acre site this season. Traps are set out as part of the yearly monitoring effort to capture and mark GGS on the conservation bank. We are also actively establishing presence in an effort to add the California Department of Fish and Wildlife as a signatory to the bank.  Trapping will continue into September in hopes of capturing additional GGS actively looking for mates and fattening up for winter torpor.  When asked about the experience Mr. Nay stated, “This is one of the top ten moments in my Wildlands career, and I owe it all to Jacob Robinson, my GGS mentor”.