Regulators Visit San Luis Rey Mitigation Bank

Wildlands hosted a field tour of our San Luis Rey Mitigation Bank (“Bank”) for the regional IRT training course held in Southern California at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base in July. On the final day of the course, Regulators had the opportunity to visit the Bank for an instructional presentation of the site that covered everything from Bank establishment to long-term monitoring.

Wildlands’ Director of Planning Cindy Tambini, with the assistance of Senior Vice President Brian Monaghan, presented the site’s history and the Bank entitlement process. Director of Design Build Jeff Novak reviewed the Bank’s design and construction, and Senior Restoration Planner Mahala Guggino discussed the ongoing management and monitoring.

Cindy and Brian discussing the Bank’s entitlement with one of the three groups of attendees.


The restoration project involved converting agricultural tomato fields back into a natural floodplain for the San Luis Rey River.  Wildlands completed construction in July 2015, and planting was completed in February 2016. With the help of this year’s higher-than-average rainfall, the Year 2 plant growth has been exceptional, providing a great visual for the tour’s attendees.

San Luis Rey Mitigation Bank being viewed from the West side of the property.


After the tour concluded, our staff took the extra time to help Mr. Novak complete some hydrologic surveying across the site, allowing us to get an up-close look at the Bank’s growth.

Jeff, Mahala, Cindy and Brian hauling surveying gear through the habitat for hydrologic monitoring.



For more information about the San Luis Rey Mitigation Bank or our mitigation efforts in Southern California, please contact us.